Emulated Radio Capabilities:

EME Housing:
Realistic device allows the user no negative training
Maximized Form, Fit and Function of the device
Accurate housing design – taken directly from the real device
Internal Electronics:
All functions of the EME radio’s are monitored by switches, encoders, and sensors as appropriate and reported to the host computer for processing.
With the latest design in our display and signaling technologies the umbilical cables to the devices are smaller than previously seen in industry, which will allow for a more common feel in the training environment.
The display emulates the tatical radio display. The host computer can generate any image necessary on included LCD display to emulate the radio based on the reported parameters and the simulation requirements.
Emulated Radios
Knight Eagle has in it’s inventory of EME device’s a multitude of radio’s used by the JOINT TERMINAL ATTACH CONTROLLER’s (JTACs), CLOSE AIR SUPPORT (CAS), CALL FOR FIRE (CFF) personnel community and can apply its standard EME approach to create different model radio’s in a short period of time.