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Emulated MKVII-E
Emulated PVS-14
Emulated IZLID 1000P
Emulated DAGR
Emulated MKVII (Tethered and Wireless)
Emulated SOFLAM
Emulated SOFLAM
Emulated M4 with 6DOF
Emulated ACOG
Emulated Radios
Emulated G Day Sight
Custom Emulated (Simulated) Equipment for Training.
Knight Eagle Technologies has develeped a complete modular system with the following features to make it quick and easy to develop custom emulators from your equipment or drawings. (See the current line of emulators below)
- Interface Control Module (ICM) for HID, ethernet, or USB interfaces to your computer system.
- Data Pipe technology to support all switches,analog, digital video, 6DOF, and 3DOF requirements via one cable
- Digital video transmission to the 1280 X 1024 OLED display for crystal clear video